Energy Partner

A Leading Surplus Turbine Generator and Electrical Equipment Supplier

An Excellent Partner in Attaining Energy Project Goals

NSV Energy is the global leader for fast-track power projects utilizing surplus power generation equipment.

Our technical expertise spanning several decades in the power industry can deliver a comprehensive solution for renewable energy, gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, biomass, trash burning-based power plants. We act as a project developer investor and equipment supplier.

About Us

From industrial power equipment to services, here at NSV Energy, we have got your project covered. Check out our equipment page currently available in inventory equipment. We buy, remanufacture and rerate steam turbine generators, boiler feedwater pumps, Woodward governors, exciters, SEL and Multilin relays, GE frame 5, and frame 6 gas turbine parts.

Our network of members are highly skilled and have years of experience in engineering, sourcing, rerating, relocating surplus power equipment. Strategic alliances with OEMs, equity partners we can meet your project goal in the shortest time.


  • Relocate biomass boilers, power plants, turbine generators, cooling towers.
  • Surplus equipment valuation and appraisal
  • Rerate single stage and multistage steam turbines.
  • Source parts and supply for not in current production